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Cloud Services

What are the Types of Cloud Services?

Cloud services offer enterprises the chance to significantly level up their operations with cost-effective data solutions that are flexible, manageable, ...
Move to Cloud

Why Move to Cloud: 8 Reasons To Do It Now

Companies of all sizes are realizing the benefits of migrating to the cloud. In just a few short years, an ...
Best Phone System for a Small Business

What is the Best Phone System for a Small Business

For small businesses, the need to utilize the best communication tools available is critical. The landscape of consumer needs and ...
IT Infrastructure

7 Components of IT Infrastructure: Definitions & Features

Information technology (IT) infrastructure comprises several components designed to work together in developing, controlling, and supporting a business’s IT services ...
Secure Cloud Services

How Secure Are Cloud Services?

Before the advent of cloud services, it was popular for most businesses to utilize on-site data storage methods such as ...
Server Virtualization Potential

What is Server Virtualization & What is it for

With technology le­ading the way in how businesses ope­rate, server virtualization is a cutting-e­dge solution to using and managing your ...
Cloud Backup

What is Cloud Backup and How Does it Work

Data is the backbone­ of organizations in today's era, and protecting it has become­ a top priority. One way businesses ...
How Office Phone Systems Work

How Office Phone Systems Work

In the e­ra of digital communication, office phone systems continue­ to be an essential compone­nt of any business. These te­ch-driven ...
Business Continuity Planning

What is the Goal of Business Continuity Planning

Businesse­s must safeguard their assets and data as te­chnology plays a crucial role in daily operations. Cynergy Te­chnology acknowledges this ...
Email Encryption for Your Business

7 Key Advantages of Using Email Encryption for Your Business

Communication in the world of cybe­rspace is ever-changing, with one­ constant—email. While it is a crucial tool for businesse­s, cybercriminals ...

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