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Success Stories from Tatum ISD

Enjoy an unprecedented level of connectivity.


Tatum ISD was experiencing constant issues with wireless stability that affected students and staff. The only resolution was the rebooting of access points almost daily.


After much research, the School District decided to demo other solutions. Cynergy Technology recommended a manufacturer and Tatum ISD found it to be the best fit for their needs.


The install of the Cynergy solution was simple, and once it was configured, work orders for wireless issues dropped to almost zero. Having to reboot access points does not happen at Tatum ISD now, and they have a dependable wireless infrastructure.

“It is great working with a company that is focused on finding solutions that fit their customers needs. Cynergy is a great partner to have working with you when you need to get things done.”

Wesley Boyd


Director of Information Services
Tatum ISD

  • Mobile technology allows companies to have an unprecedented level of connectivity
           between employees, vendors and customers.
  • Real-time communication can be important in delivering business benefits, such as:
          Making presentations to customers and being able to download product information to their network during the visit
  • Quotations and interactive order processing
  • Checking stock levels via the office network
  • Interacting with colleagues while travelling – sending and receiving emails, collaborating on responses to vendors
          and delivering trip reports in a timely manner
  • Engaging with clients via social medial hubs, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook

Cynergy Technology is at the leading edge of using mobility to make your company or organization more effective and efficient. Our services and contracted relationships can help you design:

  • Mobile infrastructure
  • Mobile website and/or application development
  • Mobile commerce solutions
  • Mobile marketing and communication solutions
  • Mobile technology hardware/software management
  • GPS tracking solutions and much, much more


Tatum ISD

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