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Our Strategic Partners

Our vendor partners range from familiar giants like HP, IBM and Commscope to brilliantly-designed solutions from specialized manufacturers such as Halo, Veeam, and RingCentral.  We maintain relationships with next-generation IT leaders who contribute to our customer’s future growth expansion.  Our teams of technology consultants and engineers design innovative solutions around the specific requirements of any organization. Many of our designs REDUCE the amount of expensive hardware our customers have been told they need to achieve their goal.

Cynergy Technology Distributors

We are proud members of TechSelect community at TD Synnex,  one of the largest global technology distributors.  TechSelect is an exclusive membership program designed for technology resellers.  TechSelect is a community of small and mid-sized resellers who are primarily focused on the SMB market. TechSelect acts as a nationwide virtual service network, where members partner together on joint business opportunities. TechSelect provides a partnership among all SMB stakeholders, including Tech Data, vendors and reseller members.

We also have multiple direct sourcing relationships with companies like Dell and Lenovo to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain and help keep delays to a minimum. We know that downtime can be detrimental to any business, which is why our partnerships also allow for escalated technical support priority. By working with Cynergy, you’ll get quicker response times and dedicated support from experts who are intimately familiar with their systems. This means minimized downtime and seamless operations for your business.

Cynergy Technology Affiliations

We go to great lengths to ensure our staff holds certifications from those regulatory and specialty training entities when needed.  We also pursue training by recognized industry training and certification organizations.  Finally, we are authorized in several categories on cooperative bid lists to ensure our government and education partners can purchase with price assurance and ease.


At Cynergy Technology, we’ve solidified our position as a leading partner and engineering team for many leading brands, thanks in part to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer service. As a trusted local certification-level provider, Cynergy has invested heavily in building our expertise and service offerings to help our customers reach and exceed their goals.

We stay ahead of the technology curve by constantly educating our dedicated staff in the latest technology innovations. Together, our technicians hold over 125 manufacturer, partner, and specialty certifications recognized throughout the industry.



Extreme Authorized PArtner
VMWare Select Partner
VMWare Select Partner
DIR Cybersecurity Star
Sophos Gold Partner
Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner
Dell Gold Partner
Ruckus Elite Partner
Lenovo Authorized Partner
Datto Blue Diamond Partner
Mitel Silver Partner
Mitel Silver Partner

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who not only understand the technical intricacies of our customers, but also have a deep understanding of local market dynamics and a rapidly changing technological landscape. This local touch is a game-changer for businesses seeking reliable solutions, because we provide tailored recommendations and solutions that align perfectly with your needs where you actually run your business. 

One of the key advantages of partnering with Cynergy is the substantial time savings we can offer. By avoiding the logistical overlap associated with dealing with larger, less specialized vendors, our customers benefit from competitive pricing, uncompromising quality and the efficiency of a one-stop shop. We can also offer better access to vendor resources including early access to product updates, training programs, and special promotions – all of which can significantly enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

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