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Virtualization & Cloud Solutions in Tyler & Longview, Texas

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For anyone using computers, video games, cell phones, PDAs, or the Internet, virtualization all around us. Within this “virtualized” world are the real applications, servers, telecommunications networks and storage, supported by people who configure, manage and take care of them. With ongoing health checks, you can be assured that your virtualized environment is delivering all the benefits you need.

We partner with virtualization pioneers like HVE Connexions, VMware, Veeam and Datrium which means we know virtualization and data protection solutions that provide the flexibility your growing business needs. Our virtualization specialists earned our partnerships by demonstrating their expertise in designing, implementing, and managing the hardware and software necessary for an optimum, virtual IT infrastructure.

Our virtualization services begin with a meeting to assess your current environment, learn about your business needs, and discover your goals. The service continues through implementation and testing, but it doesn’t stop there.

With ongoing health checks, you can be assured that your virtualized environment is delivering all the benefits you need.

Server Virtualization

The computing power of servers has reached epic levels and it is estimated that up to 95% of server computing power is not utilized.

By creating virtual servers from a single machine, resources are shared, expenses reduced, and IT users’ needs are met more efficiently.

Desktop Virtualization

With a virtualized desktop environment, maintenance and upgrade cycles are greatly simplified and users can access their desktop from anywhere in the world.

Platform independence can finally be achieved while reducing the costs of shipping expensive hardware to remote users.

Storage Virtualization

There are many sources that predict exponential data growth toward 2020 and beyond. Yet they are all in broad agreement that the size of the digital universe will double every two years at least, a 50-fold growth from 2010 to 2020. Optimize use of disk space as the volume of your data increases with a virtualized storage solution.

Our team of experienced virtualization consultants and engineers will design a storage virtualization solution that simplifies management and administration of the storage environment.

Network Virtualization

With a virtualized network, you can ensure that available resources are being utilized as efficiently as possible while leveraging the right technology for peak performance.

Our engineering team will improve the overall performance of the network and reduce network management costs by consolidating multiple physical networks into one, virtual network.

Cloud Services

IaaS. PaaS. SaaS. Hybrid cloud. The complexity of today’s cloud offerings is only exceeded by the exponential growth and popularity of cloud services. A recent survey by the Cloud Security Alliance found that an overwhelming 64.9% of IT leaders think the cloud is as secure or more secure than on-premises software.

Let Cynergy Technology be your guide to the global world of cloud options and the opportunities they represent to grow your organization.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Tyler: 903-581-7000
Longview: 903-757-5900




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