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Want to know what we can do for you?

What technology solutions do you carry? We’ve been answering that question for 37 years and it can get a little hard to describe. Our solution options have increased exponentially. Our engineering skills have skyrocketed. Our relationships with national and global technology manufacturers grow weekly. In fact, it may be easier to ask what we don’t do since that list is getting shorter every day. The fact is – whether you need a mousepad or a virtualized datacenter – WE DO THAT.



I’m a district judge and I want to outfit my courtroom with technology that allows me to smoothly process cases that involve witnesses in multiple states. I want to employ a digital whiteboard where legal teams can show a video, annotate over a picture or zoom in on a 3D digital map. I need a quality audio system with full recording and replay capabilities. And I want a training and support contract so everyone in my court has an opportunity to make full use of the technology.


I’m a technology director. I want to seek funding for a network overhaul. I need new switches to create a fast backbone. I want a new wireless system with centralized management and the ability to locate wireless devices whether or not they are connected to my network. I’m going to need some in-ground fiber and copper cabling installed. I have 24 servers I want to virtualize over the summer. And I have a building 3 miles away that I need to get connected, economically, at wired speeds. By the way, I need to buy most of this using a purchasing cooperative so my bid requirements are met.


I am the executive director for a regional nonprofit. I have one technology employee who is trying to support 450 devices at 12 locations throughout the region. To save money, I like to reuse donated computers but they aren’t powerful enough to run the latest software. We have several large applications that our employees need to use, but many of my locations can only get limited internet connections so performance is unacceptable. Without our technology, we can’t manage the relationships with our donors and, without our donors, we are out of business.


 I want to run my business. I’m concerned about things like market share and keeping my employees happy and motivated. My business is heavily dependent on technology. I want someone who knows about security, storage and servers. Tell me whether I need to put my applications in cloud and if Microsoft Office 365 is a good idea. I need a technology budget so I can forecast where and when my expenses will hit. I need someone to come to my weekly meeting so they understand where I am taking the business. Help my staff run the technology so I can get back to running my business.


These are just few examples of the endless solutions Cynergy Technology provides to organizations just like yours. One stop. One company. One response – YES, WE DO THAT.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Tyler: 903-581-7000
Longview: 903-757-5900




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