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Business owners expect results from their technology investments. As a small business, we know how important every dollar is to the bottom line of the business and our own investments must either increase our profitability or reduce risk or cost in some way, it is that simple. We use the same thought processes for our clients as we do ourselves, assuring that our solutions deliver the expected results.

To that end, we employ technology consultants, as well as highly trained and experienced engineers who understand the concerns of small and midsized business owners. They work together to analyze the goals and the existing environment then design and implement solutions that fit the needs and bring the best return on investment.

Where do we help?


Perhaps no other industry has experienced the drastic changes that have confronted our medical partners. With the advent of electronic medical records, stringent HIPAA requirements, and accessibility demands of their patients, IT staff in medical facilities are hard-pressed to keep up with all the options and choices. They also experience unique challenges in delivering and securing data in an increasingly mobile environment.


Our small and mid-sized business partners must move quickly and efficiently to keep pace with an increasingly global economy. E-tailers such as Amazon and Walmart are forcing our local partners to seek innovative solutions to keep local customers buying local and attract new clients. Traditional services such as marketing, customer service, product delivery and payment options have moved to the internet and our clients are moving with them. We help our partners successfully compete with these global enterprises by implementing innovative solutions for communication, data security and marketing collateral delivery.


Our financial industry partners have literally leaped into the digital age. Paper checks, deposit slips, and even cash have taken a back seat in the digital age. As an East Texas company, we feel it is vital that our smaller banks and credit unions stay competitive with the larger national banks with huge IT budgets. With clever planning and strategic thinking, we are enabling our financial partners keep up with the big guys. Data security, ease of accessibility and industry audit demands are some of the leading projects our financial partners engage us for.


The oil industry has many unique IT challenges that keep us on our toes. We partner with our clients to solve some of the challenges they face such as branch offices in multiple states, communication systems for monitoring remote equipment, and data security. With next-generation technology and experts who know how to incorporate them into existing processes, we ensure that our clients get the results they need to continue growing.

Who do we help?


We partner with IT directors in corporate organizations to increase productivity and reduce risk within their environment. Whether it is a forklift upgrade of an aging network ot IT Infrastructure, complete capital refreshes of hundreds of workstations, or sophisticated backup, virtualization, stand-up  disaster recovery systems, we have the experts who can implement these strategic services. We understand their budgets, uptime requirements, and risks because we’ve helped hundreds of area businesses make more money and grow their organizations.


Owning, running, and financing a small business can be a tall order. Many business owners know that their information systems are important, but have no training or experience with the complex networks in place today. For any business issue requiring a technical solution, there is usually a confusing array of choices and variations. Miscalculations can waste precious resources and slow growth instead of moving the business forward.

Our expert technology consultants and system engineers consider the business goal to be met and develop a solution that fits, leaving business owners and department heads free to concentrate on the continued growth and profitability of their company.

Want to know what we can do for you?


Tyler: 903-581-7000

Longview: 903-757-5900


Cynergy Technology places security as its topmost priority, and we understand the importance of safeguarding and maintaining the integrity of your data. Cynergy proudly participates in the CJIS Certification Program, a valuable recognition in the data security field granted by the FBI. This signifies that an organization adheres to the stringent data protection standards established under the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy. Learn more about our commitment to your data’s security here.”




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