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Cynergy Technology streamlines your technology investments through strategic planning, expert execution, and continuous monitoring and management.

For over 30 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of public, private and charter schools, as well as many area colleges and universities. We partner with area technical directors to creatively apply the power of technology to the art of education by designing new one-to-one environments, implementing innovative group learning environments and building online testing facilities as well as design the underlying network framework to support them.

As a result, we employ teams of expert technology consultants and highly trained engineers who work together to analyze the learning objectives that need to be met and the environment itself. Our teams strive to design and implement solutions that fit the needs and bring the best return on investment to our partners.

We don’t just handle big projects, however. Many of our schools rely on us for items such as software licensing, hardware replacement, and warranty repair work so they can concentrate more time on planning and end-user support. With us handling the endless paperwork and details, their valuable resources are focused on the most critical tasks.

Where do we help?


School IT departments are responsible for systems and resources that are critical to running the school, as well as delivering quality education to students. With BYOD initiatives, virtualization, wireless networking, and online testing initiatives on the horizon, overloaded and understaffed technology teams struggle to get them all done. Our experts can help with one or multiple phases of these initiatives, whatever the need. From planning to product selection, to installation and tuning, our certified engineers and technology consultants can step into any phase of a project to get it done on time and within budget.


The traditional learning models in many of our local colleges and universities are changing at a rapid pace. With the demands of non-traditional learners and competition from online institutions, higher education establishments are looking for and implementing many new models of learning outside the traditional brick-and-mortar lecture hall. Many higher education IT directors are turning to our experts to help them implement new technology-based initiatives to allow them to keep students and tuition dollars local.


In most of our charter school partnerships, students learn at their own pace with curriculum housed on the internet. We build networks that can deliver the online curriculum quickly and worry-free. From cabling or wireless networking to mobile device management, we ensure the students get what they need, when and where they need it.

Who do we help?


Keeping up with the latest technology is an exhausting process for many of our education IT Directors. The pace of the technology is moving at such a fast rate that finding the correct information amongst all the conflicting sources is sometimes daunting, and always time consuming. We can help. Collectively, our engineers and technology consultants hold over 125 certifications from the leading manufacturers of technology products. In addition, we fully investigate the vendors that we carry to ensure that we are offering only the industry-leading products available. Coupled with hours of ongoing design and technical training, our experience is invaluable to schools and universities to supplement their already deep knowledge.


Many times, non-IT professionals need to purchase or gather information for education technology projects that do not fall under their IT Department’s umbrella. We understand how overwhelming being thrust into this position can be. Our technology consultants are specially trained to help walk our clients through the selection process based on the business or learning goal that needs to be met. We present available options in understandable language and explain how or why a particular product or service is better than another so a great decision can be made without worry.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Tyler: 903-581-7000 Longview: 903-757-5900


Cynergy Technology places security as its topmost priority, and we understand the importance of safeguarding and maintaining the integrity of your data. Cynergy proudly participates in the CJIS Certification Program, a valuable recognition in the data security field granted by the FBI. This signifies that an organization adheres to the stringent data protection standards established under the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy. Learn more about our commitment to your data’s security here.”




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