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About RUCKUS Networks

In today’s interconnected world, a reliable network infrastructure solution is of paramount importance for businesses, schools, and homes alike. From seamless communication and data transfer to enhanced productivity and connectivity, a strong networking foundation is crucial for smooth operations.

RUCKUS Networks, a renowned provider of cutting-edge network infrastructure solutions, understands this growing importance and has been delivering reliable network infrastructure, particularly in the realm of Wi-Fi networks, to empower organizations and individuals across various sectors for years.

RUCKUS Networks is also supported by the powerful corporate resources of CommScope, the driving force behind many of the world’s most advanced networks. With decades of experience, CommScope provides the hardware, software and services that drive innovation and growth globally in broadband, enterprise, wired, wireless and cellular technologies.

Whether it’s a business conducting online transactions, a school delivering digital education platforms, or a household reliant on multiple connected devices, a robust network infrastructure solution is essential for uninterrupted connectivity. RUCKUS Networks recognizes this need and has positioned itself as a leader in delivering reliable networking solutions to cater to these diverse requirements.

What Sets RUCKUS Networks Apart

One of the key aspects where RUCKUS Networks excels is in providing secure, reliable Wi-Fi networking infrastructure. As the demand for wireless connectivity continues to skyrocket, businesses, schools, and more require a reliable and efficient Wi-Fi network to cater to their ever-expanding connectivity needs. RUCKUS Networks offers a range of products and solutions specifically designed to optimize Wi-Fi performance, ensuring high-speed connectivity, reliable connections, and superior coverage.

We Help Businesses Succeed

For businesses, a reliable network infrastructure is vital for enhancing productivity, streamlining operations, and supporting critical applications. RUCKUS Networks’ innovative solutions, including secure access points and cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions, provide enterprise-grade performance and scalability. These offerings enable businesses to deploy robust Wi-Fi networks capable of supporting a high number of users and devices simultaneously while maintaining excellent performance and security.

We Power Education

In the education sector, where digital learning has become the norm, a reliable network infrastructure is indispensable. RUCKUS Networks recognizes the unique challenges faced by educational institutions and offers tailored solutions to address them. Their Wi-Fi solutions for schools provide extensive coverage, high-density capabilities, and simplified management, ensuring a seamless learning experience for students and teachers alike. With RUCKUS Networks’ reliable network infrastructure, educational institutions can embrace the benefits of technology-enabled education without worrying about connectivity issues.

From Homes to Hospitality

Even in residential settings, a dependable network infrastructure has become essential. With the proliferation of smart homes and an increasing number of connected devices, a reliable Wi-Fi network is crucial for seamless streaming, gaming, and smart device integration. RUCKUS Networks offers solutions designed specifically for homes, providing robust coverage, optimized performance, and easy management. This allows households to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout their living spaces, enhancing their overall digital experience.

Cynergy Technology Partners With RUCKUS Networks

With decades of experience and almost 50 professionals in technical, sales and administrative fields, Cynergy Technology keeps multiple independent school districts, city and county government organizations, emergency service providers, and independent businesses running smoothly and securely in East Texas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, reliability, and innovation to our customers.

By partnering with RUCKUS Networks, we can now leverage the power of their significant tenure, and the backing of CommScope’s significant resources to raise that level of service to a whole new level. As an affiliate partner with RUCKUS Networks, Cynergy Technology maintains a very close relationship with their team, so we can continue to provide the highest level of service and security for our customers every day.

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