Companies of all sizes are realizing the benefits of migrating to the cloud. In just a few short years, an overwhelming majority of all data storage for businesses will be in the cloud—and with good reason. The cloud offers many innovative advantages to enhance and support a company’s workflow and growth efficiently. As enterprises expand and change, you need IT solutions to keep pace and flex with you. A professionally-designed cloud solution will give you the edge to work productively, stay competitive, and scale your business.

Flexible Cloud Storage

By utilizing the cloud, organizations can expand or shrink resources as needed. 

Simply pay for what your business requires. You won’t be bogged down with extra equipment, services, or storage you don’t currently need or use. With on-premises storage, you must take on the time-consuming process of ordering, installing and then maintaining more hardware every time you need to expand.  On the flip side, you could be stuck with expensive, unused equipment should you need to reduce assets. Whether you need to change processing, memory, or storage, implementing change is quick and easy with the cloud. 

Efficient for Users 

Workplaces are rapidly changing. With the global workforce splitting their time between in-office, at-home, or a combination, it’s paramount that all of your business’s personnel can access and store data from anywhere. The cloud allows users to collaborate on projects in real-time anywhere worldwide—even if it’s the same document. With version control, changes can be implemented in one place, eliminating the need for time-consuming emails to coordinate changes. Users can take full advantage of the cloud from any device they wish. Whether they’re in transit or at home, employees can efficiently work from anywhere. There’s no need to wait until they access an on-premises network. 

Reliable Storage 

The cloud allows businesses to reliably archive data without adding more equipment on-site. Sending off the infrequently used data to the cloud frees up the on-premises infrastructure. The old way of archiving data involved putting everything on tape and storing it off-site. This method takes up a lot of physical space. Also, tapes are subjected to deterioration, physical damage, and theft. Utilizing the cloud eliminates these issues while also meeting compliance regulations. Mapping out a cloud storage strategy on how best to regulate your archived data is very important. For instance, what retention policies are in place? Do you anticipate needing some of that data back in a particular time frame? 

Offsite Application Hosting 

Moving applications to the cloud, like archiving data, frees up room on the internal IT infrastructure. The cloud eliminates the need for server, storage, and operating software applications to be installed locally. Utilizing the cloud, on-premises maintenance of those applications is another item checked off on your to-do list. Your professional cloud integrator can assist in designing, configuring, and managing it. Cloud applications can be accessed anywhere through a browser. Thanks to the cloud, you won’t need to install, upgrade, and troubleshoot software—saving you time, money, and headaches.  

Cloud Provider Maintenance 

Cloud providers can offer cloud storage customers much more freedom in terms of maintenance. All cloud-based software is managed by the experts providing you with cloud storage. Without an elaborate, physical, on-premises infrastructure, your business’s in-house IT team can focus on more meaningful strategic projects that can help propel your enterprise. Also, by not having to be weighed down with cables, power supplies, and other time-consuming tasks, your IT staff will have greater satisfaction working for your company. With happier employees, there will be less turnover and more productivity. 

Enhanced Security

Data in the cloud is extremely secure. Cloud providers deploy numerous security measures to safeguard your data. Multiple servers are stored in locked cages throughout several locations with limited worker access. Concerning redundancy measures, your data is copied and kept on several of these servers. Cyber security experts monitor the servers 24/7 to ensure hackers exploit no weaknesses. Software teams provide continuous updates to ensure no door is left open to a potential cyber thief. All data is encrypted to maximize security, making scrambled data more difficult to extract. Cloud users can take matters further by encrypting data before sending it to the cloud. This extra measure is known as “end-to-end encryption” or “E2EE” for short. The data owner encrypts the data themselves and creates an encryption key for access. Even the cloud provider can’t access your data without your key. From transfer to storage to retrieval, your data is secure. 

Elastic Opex

Your business can enjoy the flexibility and agility the cloud provides for operational expenditures. Depending on the fluidity of your enterprise and the markets it functions in, you can increase or decrease your cloud solutions as needed. Cloud solutions offer a very convenient and forgiving pay-as-you-go format. There isn’t a long-term contract involved. Even if your business needs change, your cloud provider doesn’t. Simply update your cloud solution and eliminate the concern and trouble of thinking you might need to go to another provider. With the cloud, the fluctuation in your enterprise won’t leave you dealing with no longer-needed hardware like an on-premise infrastructure. Your business will be able to adapt quickly and fluidly, allowing your business to focus on what it does best. 

Rapid Deployment 

Implementing cloud solutions can be done rather quickly compared to on-premises infrastructures. With lots of complex hardware, cables, and software to install, on-premises systems can take several months to initiate. On the other hand, cloud solutions tasked with the same sophisticated requirements can be deployed in a fraction of that time. With no installation equipment, applications can be brought to operational status quickly, allowing your business to work efficiently and productively. Companies will see the return on investment impact their cloud solution provides immediately. 
Migrating to the cloud is an invaluable solution for companies looking to work efficiently, productively, and competitively while scaling their business. Companies should consult professional cloud solutions experts to ensure safe and efficient migration when making the leap to the cloud. With over forty years of experience, Cynergy Technology is a leading technological services company offering professional guidance in cloud migration and cloud solutions. Contact us today to learn how our virtualization services can augment your business.