The words, “Do you want to update now?” strike fear into the heart of many IT managers. While necessary to maintain efficient technology, routine updates can prove to be anything but “routine”.
Recently, a client at a health care provider in Tyler Texas updated their accounting software with what appeared to be a routine update. The client quickly found that the software on the workstation – now updated – was no longer compatible with the server holding the data. So the client updated the server and restarted the machine. On login, the client found all the accounting data missing. Years of financial records and thousands of entries were simply gone. Recreating the records from paper files would be extremely expensive and time consuming – if it were possible at all.

The client made a quick call to Cynergy Technology, who monitored and maintained the facility’s backup services. In less than two hours from the time of the initial call, the server and all its financial data was restored. With services back online, the Cynergy client successfully continued the business day without further interruption.

Information technology is far more than a business cost to be minimized – it is a mission critical element of nearly every modern business or organization. Planning to keep your business operating during an unplanned event is a Cynergy specialty called business continuity. We have strategic conversations with organizations just like your that get results just like this every day. Contact one of our technology consultants today and experience the Cynergy difference.